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World Point One Is Becoming TC Command 




Effective September 1st, 2011, WorldPoint is transitioning the sale and support of WorldPoint One Software to EMS Solutions. WorldPoint has enjoyed an eight year partnership with EMS Solutions and Alan Kicks, the developer of WorldPoint One Software. EMS Solutions is uniquely qualified to sell and support this product in the future. This important step provides our customers a streamlined process from sale through technical support. As the new version of WorldPoint One, to be known as TC COMMAND, is close to launch, WorldPoint cannot accept new orders for this product. Please visit for ongoing updates. 





 Adrienne Zaban

Director of Marketing




Q. Wait... What is going on?

A. The World Point One software is moving its sales to the company EMS Solutions Inc. (  EMS Solutions will now continue to sell the "World Point One" software under their new name "TC Command" meaning "Training Center Command". Technical support and development was always done by EMS Solutions, under contract to WorldPoint.



Q. Will this mean I lose support for World Point One?


A. No, your support contract was originally with EMS Support, and will continue through



Q. Will I still receive updates?

A. Yes you will still receive updates based on your time of purchase or support contract.


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